Engineer & Journalist

Md. Shamsul Akram (Sumon) was born in Bangladesh. He completed a diploma in Computer Technology from Rangpur Polytechnic Institute, Rangpur in 2015. At the Prime University, he completed a BSc. in Computer Science and Engineering in 2019. Currently, he is pursuing his higher studies in the Department of Information and Communications Engineering at the Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT), Berlin, Germany. In addition to his academic pursuits, Mr. Akram is working as a Laboratory Engineer (Institute for Embedded Systems-ETTI4) at Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany.

Throughout his career, Mr. Akram has actively participated in various public and private projects and organizations in Bangladesh. His dedication towards humanity and society has been evident since his childhood. During this period, he founded a company named “Rainbow IT Source” providing ICT services, and established a social service organization called the “Abdul Aziz Master Memorial Trust.” Furthermore, he has played a significant role at “” a popular online news portal.

Mr. Akram’s commitment to social welfare stems from his family background. He hails from a family of educationists, where his father, Md. Shahid Ul Alam, serves as a teacher and is deeply religious. His grandfather, Abdul Aziz Master, was a renowned teacher in their locality. This broad-minded family has instilled in Mr. Akram and all its members a strong sense of dedication towards humanity, society, and volunteering services.

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